Clockwise 2

Clockwise 2 is designed to give students of most ages practice in telling time. It is presented within a framework of fun and time travel so that students will want to return to the program to practice many times over.

As well as practising how to tell the time, Clockwise 2 helps develop the perception of time - both short term (judging seconds) and long term (history of the earth).

Every effort has been made to ensure the visual nature of the program, and the exercises, appeal to a wide age range. Because of the many teacher control options Clockwise 2 can be used with all primary classes. In special situations the program can also be used for adult education.

The activities present clock time using analogue clocks, digital clocks, and time described in words. Clockwise 2 can also help form the basis of a unit of work exploring a broader understanding of time and time related concepts.

The time adventure gives an overview of history which helps users to form a connected narrative. It also develops chronological understanding which is one of the key skills defined in the (English) History National Curriculum

Key Features

  • Comprehensive program on time related activities with a time travel adventure
  • Time events cover from pre-history to modern times
  • Each time event is beautifully illustrated
  • Computer narration option for all text
  • Many teacher control options available
  • Student management system with classes
  • Student tracking with results printed
  • Links to the (English) National Curriculum at both Key Stages 1 and 2
    (KS1: Ma3 4a, KS2: Ma2 4a, Ma3 4d).

The 20 time related exercises - which include:

Using clocks

  • find which clock shows a given time
  • set a clock to a given time (with 24 hour option)
  • tell which of three clocks is fast or slow
  • place numerals on a clock face
  • set a timer to have a meal ready
  • estimate local time for an international phone call

Perceiving time

  • judging the passage of time
  • adjusting a pendulum

Using calendars

  • arrange the days of the week in order
  • arrange the months of the year in order
  • identifying the day before yesterday / tomorrow etc on a calendar
4 to 13 years
Subjects:Maths, Time activities, Problem solving
National Curriculum:Key Stage 1 - 2
Scottish Curriculum:Pre 5 - Level D
CD-ROM:Dual format Windows & MAC
Single User:£15.00
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Network Licence:£60.00
  • Suitable for:
  • Windows 98, ME, NT/4, 2000, 2003 & XP.
  • MacOS 10.3 or later.

Whiteboard Compatible

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