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Picture Data Granny's Garden

Picture Data Granny's Garden is a natural and understandable way of integrating information handling into the classroom. It is based on the characters and locations in the famous Granny's Garden and is an ideal way of extending and enhancing work with Granny's Garden.

Pupils benefit by using their creativity and imagination to create individual records based around a new and unique picture building concept. They build a real picture from categorised picture stamps (fields) just like they would in an art package. They can then write about their picture within a simple free text frame. Picture Data can read back their work.

Pupils can use the Key Picture facility to search naturally and easily through records using simple and more complex techniques. This is all done in a pictorial way.

Pupils can click on one button to enter the exciting world of graphing and charting. Picture Data Granny's Garden enables pupils to interpret and sort numerical information in a variety of visual ways.

Beautiful colour graph types include: Pictograms, Block Graphs, Bar Charts, Tally Charts (all Horizontal and Vertical) and Pie Charts for older pupils.

Picture Data Granny's Garden is ideal for showing continuation in the use of ICT when used with the Granny's Garden adventure and Picture Writer Granny's Garden

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5 to 9 years
Subjects:ICT - Data Handling, Numeracy, Literacy
National Curriculum:Key Stage 1 - 2
Scottish Curriculum:Level A - C
Single User:£34.50
Site Licence:
Special Offer
  • Suitable for:
  • Windows XP & Vista.

Whiteboard Compatible

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Works With Windows Vista

Building a picture.

Graphing dragons.