Tell A Tale 2

Building on the success of Tell A Tale, we are delighted to present Tell A Tale 2. All the great things from Tell A Tale are still there; wonderful animations, simple interface, switch options, differentiation and so on - but now there is also an adjective option.

Tell A Tale 2 has four new locations, four new characters each with four new actions, but we have added four adjectives to each character. So, not only can you meet the robot, the blob, the tree and the dinosaur, but you can have a rusty robot, a hairy blob and so on. Combine this with three language levels and four different opening phrases and you get well over 700 possible combinations of text, background, character, adjective and action.

The adjectives are, of course, optional; you can use Tell A Tale 2 simply to further develop children's work from Tell A Tale or help them move on to more complex structures. Here's an example of the breadth of the language they can work with:

Long ago there was a spaceship. On the spaceship there was a robot. The robot was skating.


Long ago, before the world was made, there was a spooky, mysterious spaceship. On the spaceship there was a really rusty old robot. The robot was skating on his roller-blades. He was a clever skater and could do lots of stunts.

As the language is spoken as well as being presented as text an opportunity is provided to introduce children to new and interesting words. Children will of course want to use these new words in their own writing.

Each of the characters and locations provides an excellent jumping-off point for children's creative work. Whether it's stories, art, poetry, drama or whatever, you'll find a wealth of material in Tell A Tale 2.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Focused early readers activities
  • Comprehensive teacher control
  • Three levels for differentiation
  • Adjective option
  • Single switch scanning option
  • Printable support materials
  • Male or female speech options
  • Plenty of opportunities for extension
  • Stories can be printed out and played back
4 to 8 years
Subjects:Language and Modelling
National Curriculum:Key Stage 1
Scottish Curriculum:Level A
CD-ROM:Dual format Windows & MAC
Single User:£15.0
Network Licence:£60.00
  • Suitable for:
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/4, 2000, 2003 & XP.

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