Granny's Story

This is the story (both text and audio) from Granny's Garden in a SCORM package for use with VLEs and LMSs including Moodle and Frog. It is not designed to work outside these environments.

To use this package, upload it to your VLE using your VLE's normal method and if your VLE gives you the option, hide the navigation and skip the structure (since these controls are potentially confusing as there is only 1 item).

Moodle Settings

In Moodle these options are only visible once the Show Advanced button is clicked and are as follows:

Option Setting 
Student skip content structure pageAlways
Course structure display (TOC)Hidden
Hide navigation buttons (Optional)Yes
Disable preview mode (Optional)Yes

You also need to enable media player plug-in in Moodle.

After registering, your download will begin.


All files available through this page are licensed for educational non-commercial use only. By downloading these files you agree to these restrictions.