Bespoke Software

Apart from producing educational software, 4Mation also produces bespoke software for both Industry and Education. In the past we have worked for clients such as LEGO Dacta, Acorn and Beran Instruments. We have also made some small contributions to a few open source projects.

We have successfully completed a number of projects ranging from control to analysis, graphing and reporting.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and to quote for any work you require.


  • We are currently:
  • a registered Microsoft Partner,
  • a registered Apple Developer,
  • a registered Intel Partner,
  • a member of the FSB,
  • a member of SALTIS.

Skills and Experience

The programming languages we regularly use are C++, C, Java across Windows, Macintosh and Linux. We also use JavaScript, PHP, sh, ANT and VBS for scripting on the various platforms.

For web sites requiring user editing of content we recommend Joomla! which we are able to customise as required.

We have used a number of different database engines for different projects depending upon the customers requirements. These range from MS SQL Server (both full and Express) and MySQL to HSQLDB.

We have experience with a number of different technologies including TCP/IP and UDP networking, 2D graphics and OpenGL acceleration, 3D graphics using OpenGL, both multi-processor and multi-core optimisation.

We make extensive use of Source Control and use Bugzilla for defect tracking and management.

We design using security principles such as SD3 (Secure by Design, by Default, and in Deployment) and Threat Modelling.