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Ages 6 to 10 + SEN

The teacher can use Granny's Garden as a modelling / problem solving piece of software. This links with ICT attainment targets 2 & 3.

Granny's Garden supports children who attain level 1-3 in EN2 reading. Children have to be able to learn familiar words within the story and use strategies and listening skills to understand new words. Children need to be able to express opinions about the plot and characters within the story. Children become familiar with a particular genre of story with traditional and fantasy characters.

Children will also have to use problem solving and decision making skills to progress through the adventure. When working in small group, with a partner or as a class children will need to be able to listen to others and share ideas. This links with EN1 speaking and listening attainment targets 1-3.

Attainment target 1: En1 - Speaking and listening

Level 1

Pupils talk about matters of immediate interest. They listen to others and usually respond appropriately. They convey simple meanings to a range of listeners, speaking audibly, and begin to extend their ideas by providing some detail.

Level 2

Pupils begin to show confidence in talking and listening, particularly where the topics interest them. On occasions, they show awareness of the needs of the listener by including relevant detail. In developing and explaining their ideas they speak clearly and use a growing vocabulary. They usually listen carefully and respond with increasing appropriateness to what others say. They are beginning to be aware that in some situations a more formal vocabulary and tone of voice are used.

Level 3

Pupils talk and listen confidently in different contexts, exploring and communicating ideas. In discussion, they show understanding of the main points. Through relevant comments and questions, they show they have listened carefully. They begin to adapt what they say to the needs of the listener, varying the use of vocabulary and the level of detail. They are beginning to be aware of standard English and when it is used.

Attainment target 2: En2 - Reading

Level 1

Pupils recognise familiar words in simple texts. They use their knowledge of letters and sound symbol relationships in order to read words and to establish meaning when reading aloud. In these activities they sometimes require support. They express their response to poems, stories by identifying aspects they like.

Level 2

Pupils' reading of simple texts shows understanding and is generally accurate. They express opinions about major events or ideas in stories, poems. They use more than one strategy, such as phonic, graphic, syntactic and contextual, in reading unfamiliar words and establishing meaning.

Level 3

Pupils read a range of texts fluently and accurately. They read independently, using strategies appropriately to establish meaning. In responding to fiction they show understanding of the main points and express preferences.

Level 4

In responding to a range of texts, pupils show understanding of significant ideas, themes, events and characters, beginning to use inference and deduction.

Attainment target for ICT

Level 2

Pupils plan and give instructions to make things happen and describe the effects. They use ICT to explore what happens in imaginary situations.

Level 3

Pupils make appropriate choices when using ICT based models or simulations to help them find things out and solve problems.

QCA Schemes of work


Granny's Garden links to Unit 3D: Exploring simulations.