4Mation Services

General Ordering Information

Post & Packing:
We charge just enough to cover the order processing costs so our Post and Packing rates are very reasonable.

UK ordersadd 2.95 + VAT for the first item and 0.50 + VAT per additional item.
EC ordersadd 6.50 + VAT for the first item and 0.75 + VAT per additional item.
Rest of the Worldadd 10.00 for the first item and 1.00 per additional item.

Schools Approval Service:
Schools may order up to 6 titles on 28 days free approval. The approval time can be extended if you are unable to make your choice within 28 days. An invoice will be sent for any unreturned item(s) after 28 days.

Any single user title in our catalogue can be ordered on approval (NB site / network versions are not sent on approval). We can only send items on approval to UK schools. Post and packing as detailed above will be charged if any items are retained. Schools pay the postage on any items returned to 4Mation.

Site / Network Licences:
A 4Mation site or network licence represents very good value. If you wish to use our software on more than one computer at a time, or run it over your network, you must have an appropriate licence. If you already own a single user version you may upgrade to a site / network licence by paying the difference. Please contact 4Mation for ordering details (proof of purchase of the single user version will be required).

Currently a 4Mation site / network licence allows you to run the software on any number of computers in your school, as well as allowing a teacher to work with the software at home.

Additional CD-ROMs:
Schools may purchase additional CD-ROMs as follows

 1 x CD-ROM  12.00 + VAT per title
 3 x CD-ROMs30.00 + VAT per title
 5 x CD-ROMs45.00 + VAT per title
10 x CD-ROMs80.00 + VAT per title
20 x CD-ROMs155.00 + VAT per title
30 x CD-ROMs220.00 + VAT per title

NB. Proof of purchase of the original CD-ROM pack is required - these items must be ordered direct from 4Mation.

Home users and Home Education:
We are always prepared to discuss any queries you may have, or to advise on the use of our software with your children. Order with confidence - we operate a no quibble money back guarantee on items returned in good condition within 14 days of purchase.

All media is guaranteed for 12 months but we reserve the right to make a covering charge where discs have been physically damaged or stolen. When returning faulty discs remember it is not necessary to send the entire package (this saves both you and us postage costs).

Advisory service

Services to Educational Advisers

If you work in an accredited advisory position for education, and have registered with 4Mation, you can have up to six of our titles on extended loan to assist you with your work. If you want to purchase the items after the loan period, we will arrange a generous discount for you (please ask for details). We also provide bulk loans of software for use at courses etc. If you would like to know more about how these schemes work, or if have some particular request in mind where you feel we may be able to assist, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office.