Soon after being founded in 1983 4Mation rapidly established it self as being one of the most innovative educational software publishers in the UK. Over the years several 4Mation titles have won awards for excellence, and many of their titles have become firm favourites for use within schools.

Today 4Mation continues to design and publish quality educational software and it remains one of the UK's top independent educational software houses, supplying software to both schools and parents alike in the UK and internationally.

Apart from producing educational software, 4Mation also produces bespoke software for both Education and Industry. In the past we have worked for clients such as LEGO Dacta, Acorn and Beran Instruments.


  • We are currently:
  • a registered Microsoft Partner,
  • a registered Apple Developer,
  • a registered Intel Partner,
  • a member of the FSB,
  • a member of SALTIS.

4Mation held both Registered Content Provider and Registered Retailer status for the Curriculum Online scheme for schools in England although this scheme ended in August 2008.

Curriculum Online Registered Content Provider          Curriculum Online Registered Retailer

Customer Support

All 4Mation software is fully supported by an experienced in house team who will do their best to respond to your queries quickly. If you need technical support, or a replacement item, even if it is for a 4Mation software program you purchased several years ago, rest assured we will be able to help you. We are a family run business and we enjoy talking to both existing users and prospective customers. So, if there is anything you feel you need advice on, all you have to do is contact us. We often talk to parents who are buying software for their children and who are unsure about what type of software to use. If you are in this position, and would like some assistance, then please get in touch. We will be happy to advise you accordingly in an efficient and friendly way.


Our software programs cover a wide range of subjects and cater for most abilities and can order direct from 4Mation.

GDPR Policy

A copy of our GDPR policy can be downloaded here.