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Spelling practice and spelling test / assessment software.

Incorrect spelling is heavily penalised in our society - so heavily that it keeps people from getting jobs they want or prevents them from moving up to better positions. Inability to spell gives people complexes just as much as unsureness about grammar or proper methods of dress and social behaviour.

The development of literacy skills is vital to every student's success at school. The ability to spell accurately is an integral part of their literacy development. Poor spellers are normally inhibited in their creative writing efforts, they often have low self-esteem which impacts on their performances in other curriculum areas.

The resources listed below are useful in improving spelling skills not only in the primary school but for everyone.

 Super Spell 2 Recharged
A comprehensive spelling program based on a sequential development of spelling skills.
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 Super Spell Assessment Disk
Diagnose spelling weaknesses and identify spelling abilities.
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 Super Spell Resource Book
100 photocopiable spelling worksheets.
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