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SuperSpell “Worksheets 1”

The SuperSpell "Worksheets 1" book contains 100 photocopiable worksheets which are linked to the educational content of the SuperSpell spelling software packages.

The worksheets have been designed for students in lower primary to secondary classes, depending on their stage of spelling development.

There are worksheets based on simple three letter words, consonant blends, soft consonant sounds, double consonants, long vowel sounds, plurals, verb endings, prefixes, suffixes, homonyms and commonly confused words.

The layout of each worksheet has been designed for easy student use. The worksheets are suitable for individual students to remedy spelling weaknesses or whole class use to reinforce particular spelling points. Purchasers of the SuperSpell "Worksheets 1" are given the right to reproduce each worksheet in quantities suitable for their own classroom or home use.

These worksheets are ideal for setting as homework. A small selection are available in our Free Resources section.

6 years to adult
Subjects:Literacy, Spelling
National Curriculum:Key Stage 1-4
Scottish Curriculum:Level A-Standard Grade
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