The Evacuees

The Evacuees provides a fascinating insight, via an interactive adventure, of what it was like to be an evacuee during the First Evacuation in the early days of World War 2.

As the terrible events evolve around our characters during the early stages of World War II (WW2), the software provides children with both challenges and information about this vital part of our recent history. Some links between scenes are obvious but others have to be discovered.

A user guide and a set of printable worksheets are included to assist with both educational planning and to provide a quick route through the adventure for busy teachers. The program is fully narrated to assist children with both reading and understanding the program text.

The program assists with the development of several of the required Key Elements as specified in the National Curriculum for History at Key Stage 2. It has been designed to provide KS 2 students, who are tackling the history study unit entitled 'Britain since 1930' (especially QCA History Unit 9: What was it like for children in the second world war?), with factual information about the evacuation and the ways in which the lives of ordinary people were affected as the country prepared for war. The program could also be used successfully with Key Stage 3 pupils as part of an overview of the Second World War when studying 13: a world study after 1900.

The worksheets which are included on the CD make it easy for any teacher to build complete lesson plans around The Evacuees.

The Evacuees opens on Friday 1st September 1939, the day that German troops invaded neighbouring Poland. The program follows the experiences of two children caught up in Britain's preparations for war as the country waited to discover how Hitler would respond to Chamberlain's ultimatum that he withdraw the troops by Sunday 3rd September.

Eleven year old Vera and her younger brother Davy represent two of the million and a half people who were evacuated in an operation that would become known as the weekend of The Great Evacuation.

National Curriculum - as well as providing a large factual content the program assists with the development of several of the required Key Elements specified in the National Curriculum for history for Key Stage 2 pupils. These include:

Chronology - the nature of the plot enables pupils to follow the chronological framework leading to Britain's declaration of war on Germany and the events surrounding the evacuation.

Historical knowledge and understanding - the text in The Evacuees highlights how many of the evacuated suburban children faced a way of life in the country that was very different to the one that they were used to. There are opportunities to explore a typical village, including the shops, school, farm, village hall and allotments and to gain information about the daily life of the villagers, and how this was already altering with the onset of war and would continue to change out of all recognition as the war progressed.

The Evacuees also highlights no only what changed for the children who were evacuated but also shows us what the clothing, food and appliances were like back then. How different things were compared to today - no iPods or TVs. The printable worksheets which come with the software help to reinforce these points.

Organisation and communication - students are introduced, via conversations between the characters and the general text, to many of the terms and expressions that were used to describe the unique circumstances and events that occurred during this period. Historical information is presented clearly in an authentic setting, thus assisting students to select and present their knowledge and understanding in a clear and structured manner.

Some of the features

  • Chronology
    The plot follows the chronological framework leading to Britain's declaration of war and the events of the evacuation.
  • Historical knowledge and understanding
    The Evacuees highlights the many problems that evacuated suburban children experienced.
  • Organisation and communication
    Children are introduced to many of the terms and expressions that were used during the period.
8 to 11 years
Subjects:History, The First Evacuation, WWII
National Curriculum:Key Stage 2,3
QCA History Unit 9
Scottish Curriculum:Level B-C
CD-ROM:Dual format Windows & MAC
Single User:£15.00
Site Licence:£158.00
  • Suitable for:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 (Both 32 & 64 bit).

Whiteboard Compatible

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